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A beautifully soft, plush velvet infinity scarf featuring the print 'QUARTZ', a beautifully detailed print inspired by Angel Aura Quartz. There are so many different types of agate to discover, and Angel Aura quartz was one of the very first I bought at the gift shop of Aberdeen science centre as a wee girl! I've always loved the way it reminds me of an oil slick and I wanted to reflect that in this print, which is predominantly teal with rainbow highlights.


These luxury infinities are available in a selection of prints inspired by geology and pattern found in the natural world. 


These are long enough to wrap around twice for a snug, cosy hug around your neck. You'll be amazed by just how soft this plush fabric is and the incredible detail of the prints.


Scarf is approximately 15cm wide, loop is 145cm.


'QUARTZ' Plush Velvet Infinity Scarf